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Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science, our programs are at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and holistic practices.

3 reasons you should


We need to be completely honest and transparent about something. 
Unlike all the other programs out there, we are not for everyone. Here are three reasons you should NOT work with us:

If you’re NOT willing to do the work and are looking for a quick fix, we are not for you. Our programs have been meticulously crafted around proven processes that have taken decades to develop. 

If you are NOT looking to be part of a community of amazing, supportive women who lift each other up, strive to be better every day, and help each other out, we are not for you.

If you are NOT willing to change and you’re more committed to staying where you are, feeling helpless, complaining or blaming others, we are not for you.

Best Decision I’ve Made for Myself, My Family + Career

My life is forever changed. Signing up for Awaken felt like a “leap of faith”. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, my daughter, my husband, my friends, my health, my career, and more. If you have found yourself searching or drawn to this program, there is a reason. I encourage you to keep going.

Jordan Swisher

Senior VP Finance
Colorado, USA


Your Success

It starts with understanding what burnout truly is. Burnout is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. If you don’t get to the underlying cause, then you’ll never find a lasting solution.

At We Are The Women, we combine the following modalities to help you create sustainable change:

You will never need to search outside yourself again for the answers because you will have the tools and strategies you need plus the support of a community of world-changing women to finally end burnout.



love comes first

For us, love comes first. This means, we are committed to fierce and compassionate love in everything we do for ourselves, for each other, for the world. We challenge, set boundaries and support each other from a place of love. We value feelings and telling the truth, especially when it’s hard.

We take radical responsibility

This means, we own our experiences, actions and outcomes. We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments. We step up, ask for what we need and take the lead.

We choose to evolve ourselves, our systems, and our world

This means, we stretch beyond our comfort zone in order to know what’s possible within ourselves. We self-reflect, we iterate, we integrate. We call ourselves and each other into our potential.

This Program is the Real Deal

One night when I felt there was no way out for me…I signed up. I was failing at everything. I was burned out and was ready to burn it all down. Today I feel free and alive…like a woman and not a robot checking off the boxes. I have so much more to live for. This program changed the path of my life!

Chantel Windeshausen

VP Marketing Travel Industry,
Nebraska, USA

Women have been doing it alone for so long. but our power - as women, as mothers, as partners, as leaders - actually comes from doing it together.




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