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Healing Burnout Patterns While Mothering




Senior Vice President, Financial Services Industry

With my other coaching programs, I retreated back to my old patterns and never had a long-lasting, sustainable solution. The program’s 12-week span gave me the time to dive deep, raise my awareness of burnout patterns, and address them to make lasting changes.


Tamara was captive to her endless to-do list. Balancing motherhood, a high-demand corporate career, and an unsustainable pace left her in a state of constant overwhelm, overfunctioning, and exhaustion.

“I was constantly burnt out, and it manifested as migraines, hives, and my jaw was tight,” says Tamara. “I couldn’t slow down my mind and was hard on myself. I was playing scared and like I was one move away from losing everything.”

A perfectionist, high-achiever, and do-it-all martyr, Tamara was consistently in overdrive, and it started to catch up with her—she was trailing her performance quotas, feeling distracted, and was concerned she wasn’t able to “show up” for her family.

After a concussion on a skiing trip and continued migraines, Tamara knew that was the sign she needed to slow down. That’s when she Googled “corporate working mom overwhelm” and found our program.

“I was attracted to the fact that, similar to my experience, Julie worked on Wall Street in male-dominated toxic environments with high-demand expectations,” she says. “I didn’t have any good role models on Wall Street of women balancing demanding careers and having children.”

For Tamara, her dream was to slow down, find her flow again in her career, and prosper financially—and most importantly, she wanted to be more present, silly, and goofy with her family. She wanted to thrive instead of just surviving.


Since graduating from our program, not only has Tamara surpassed her performance quota by 110 percent but she’s also taken on additional mentoring opportunities and is facilitating a women’s leadership program for her firm, a passion of hers.

“I was getting in my own way at work,” she says. “After I graduated from the program, I received feedback in my performance review that I had removed barriers for myself and was much more effective, confident, and focused.”

She adds: “I’m loving my job more than I ever have because I’m showing up consistently, and I’m realizing it is a great fit. I just had so much resistance and self-sabotage patterns getting in the way. In the past, I would spin out and let things get to me that would take away my time and energy. In the program, I rose above that.”

Not only is Tamara achieving professional success, but she’s also prioritizing her health, quality time with her family, and creating more room for play, joy, and laughter.

“One year after the program, on Mother’s Day, my daughter wrote: ‘My mommy sees me, hears me, listens to my feelings—she’s like a diamond, she sparkles,’” she says. “During COVID-19 and all the intense heaviness, trauma, and challenges we’re dealing with, to get to a place of joy and triumph of rising above the fear and fray,” she says, “it was such a blessing for me and my daughters.”

While Tamara had experience with other coaching programs and weekend retreats, she says the program’s unique secret sauce is the integration of holistic wellness in its 12-week immersive curriculum, including spiritual healing and trauma release resources, and its collective community of support.

“With my other programs, I retreated back to my old patterns and never had a long-lasting, sustainable solution,” she says. “The program’s 12-week span gave me the time to dive deep, raise my awareness of burnout patterns, and address them to make lasting changes.”

“The intimate bonds you build with the other women in this circle and that we’re all going through these feelings of burnout and transformation together is so special,” says Tamara of the growing 450-plus client community. “You realize you’re not alone and that burnout is not this dark, shameful secret.”

Tamara says the lifetime access to both the program curriculum and client community continually gives her the language, accountability, and support to continue being the best version of herself.

“The amount of dedication in this program is so inspiring,” she says. “Julie teaches us how to coach ourselves so we can listen to our intuition, address our needs, and grow to be resilient and self-reliant.”

“It’s imperative that we all rise right now. This is a critical moment for women to inhabit themselves, to advocate for one another, and it’s not optional anymore,” says Tamara.

“The importance of this work is for our climate, future generations, and for the safety of women and girls. We have to do it. We have to rise, and this is the type of program that will help women rise to their best selves and best lives.”

I learned I needed to trust myself and the universe more. As I looked at myself, I sat in my discomfort, felt my feelings, and developed compassion for myself. I was doing the best I could and was highly functioning at it but got clear about the future me and who I wanted to be with my daughters.



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