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Mental Health Professional, Podcaster, Motherhood Coach

I’m able to leave my anxiety behind, fulfill my purpose, be happier and present for my son, and I’m enjoying my marriage in a new way—my relationship has blossomed. I’m so thankful to this program—now, I’m experiencing life.

For more than a decade, Dena spent 10-hour-plus work days serving high-demand, impoverished communities, leading hundreds of employees, and juggling 24/7 crisis calls.

“You feel like you have to present a certain way in a man’s world,” she says. Dena was crumbling under pressure, lost her voice, battled cold sweats and panic attacks and was afraid she was a “one-foot-in-and-one-foot-out-the-door mom.”

She poured everything she had into work.

“Motherhood felt so hard,” says Dena, who was also juggling a postpartum journey. “And work was familiar,” she says, “but it left me feeling anxious, always in my head, disconnected, and emotional.”

Overwhelmed with guilt about “doing it all” as a mom, wife, leader, and clinician, Dena put her needs and joy on the backburner. She knew she needed a shift but that if she chose a therapy route, it would be costly, time-consuming, and at least a year before she saw results.

“The 12-week window for the program was tangible, and I knew if my life was going to get better,” she says, “I needed this investment in myself to feel better, leave my anxiety behind, fulfill my purpose, and be happier for my son.”

“When I entered the program, I was at my breaking point, ready to quit, and I wanted to move,” she says. “I was in fight or flight mode.”


Dena’s participation in our program sparked monumental shifts in her professional and personal life. She credits the program’s emphasis on feminine leadership and learning how to harness the eight attributes of feminine power, in particular, with helping her increase her confidence in her communication and leadership effectiveness.

“I had struggled with my approach at work, but once I understood the feminine archetypes of leadership, I implemented the teachings in my work and had the language to back it up,” says Dena.

She adds: “I was able to improve my relationships with supervisors and employees and create a greater connection and camaraderie.”

“And I can communicate exactly what I need in my marriage without the emotional exhaustion,” she adds. “I am able to say, ‘we need to work on x, y, and z, and it doesn’t need to come with blame or shame.'”

But Dena’s most transformational impact stems from her coach’s guided hypnotherapy sessions and the holistic support she received to understand the root cause—and repeating patterns—that triggered her anxiety, in addition to tools and resources to help her increase her awareness and resilience.

“The guided imagery and hypnotherapy was so powerful in helping me unlock and heal wounds, and accessing my intuition was transformational,” she says. “This program helps you awaken so you understand what your body is telling you so you can start responding. It helped me unlock more awareness about what I’m capable of.”

“Entering motherhood, you wait for the hard season to be over—it doesn’t get easier. It’s about how we build, maintain, and own resilience through life. That’s what this program has given me.”

Dena says our program’s emphasis on deep reflection and the collective support of the client community empowered her to identify her purpose and passion, giving her the clarity and confidence to pursue her dream business.

She’s since launched a podcast to empower others on their healing journey and coaching business to support mothers in their postpartum season and through the challenges of motherhood.“I’m able to leave my anxiety behind, fulfill my purpose, be happier and present for my son, and I’m enjoying my marriage in a new way—my relationship has blossomed,” she says.

“I’m so thankful to this program—now, I’m experiencing life.”

The program shifted my dream of how I can work and live in harmony. I wouldn’t have made this change without the program. My brain wouldn’t have seen any other option.
You are not confined to what you think you are.



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