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Forensic Accounting Manager

Stephanie was working in a demanding industry where she works 50-70 hours a week. She is one of a handful of female leaders in her organization. On the outside, her life looked perfect.

Stephanie works for one of the Big Four accounting firms and came to us as an overwhelmed and exhausted new mom. She had been newly promoted, supervising several teams, and her marriage was suffering from years of neglect.

Stephanie was working in a demanding industry where she works 50-70 hours a week. She is one of a handful of female leaders in her organization. On the outside, her life looked perfect.

“I had a beautiful daughter and a great job…an amazing husband who’s completely supportive…he cooks, he cleans, and is super helpful. But I just couldn’t deal with it all at once when everything was kind of breaking or wasn’t going all correct. And it was just too much.”

Stephanie was feeling disconnected from her oldest daughter – who only wanted time with daddy and Stephanie began feeling like her own child didn’t like her.

Despite getting a promotion to a new position to supervise multiple people across multiple teams, she felt like an imposter in her role. She was left feeling extremely overwhelmed and her relationship with her husband was suffering. She wasn’t able to truly communicate and connect with him and everything frustrated her.

Stephanie remembered feeling like, “I’m going to burn it all down…I’ve had it, I’m done. I’m just, I’m done. I just want to crawl in my hole forever and for a period and a day and just stay there.”

The culmination of the struggles of parenthood and learning a new position was more demanding than she experienced before led her to our program. She wasn’t looking for a “quick fix” – she was ready to do whatever it took to feel better.


Over a year since graduating from our program, Stephanie’s life has changed in so many ways. She moved into her dream home and can finally plant roots for herself and her family.

Through the program, Stephanie identified her real passions, priorities, and values – and transitioned into a new role of her dreams doing work she loves, within the same company. She is now setting better boundaries and is working significantly fewer hours. Not only has she been able to take on more responsibilities and deal with stress in a new way, but she is also more patient and present with the people she loves.

Stephanie has learned how to shut off work, put her work phone and computer away, and spend time with her daughter who now wants mommy to be the one who tucks her in at night and gives her kisses at bedtime. This new one-on-one time with her daughter has truly helped her feel more connected and be the mother she’s always wanted to be and she’s pregnant with her second child.

Her relationship with her husband has also improved. He notices she’s no longer the same person and her overall demeanor has changed. She handles situations better and processes change better and doesn’t get frustrated like she used to. He sees the difference and is so happy she advocated for herself and helped their relationship and their communication with the tools she learned in this program.

Stephanie’s decision to join our program and invest in herself was simple. She told her husband that there was a very real possibility of her leaving her job. As the breadwinner, the long-term financial damage walking away would cause her family was too great.

This is really just a drop in the bucket compared to what I would be walking away from, not just this year, but all the years to come if I didn’t have these tools.


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