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Sarah spent 90% of her waking life either working or thinking about work. She was in a constant state of stress and survival mode that was unsustainable.

Sarah came to us after realizing she had been in burnout for years. She was living as an adrenaline junky off her own stress because that was the only way she knew how to bounce from project to project.

Sarah spent 90% of her waking life either working or thinking about work. She was in a constant state of stress and survival mode that was unsustainable.

She was also a new mom and married her husband who has four children. With a new baby and family in tow, Sarah was the sole breadwinner in her house. She was truly unhappy.

She found herself putting off her own happiness. “I think the perfectionist in me wanted to make sure that there was perfect philosophical alignment. And then I realized that was like my unhealthy challenger trying to make something perfect because I was afraid to go all in and I was afraid to trust,” reflected Sarah.

She was also a lifelong people pleaser. Sarah recognized how her behaviors were conflicting with who she wanted to be and how she interacted with her husband in their marriage. For her marriage to work, she knew she had to take a greater risk and not focus solely on her husband.

At the time, she was working from home, with five kids, and with her husband not working, she worried it was not the right time to invest in herself. There were a lot of difficult conversations and work to be done but Sarah didn’t know how to begin.

Sarah had previously left jobs, taken sabbaticals, read self-help books, got sober but still something was still missing. She was ready to make the shift and change her life for the better.

“I knew I was unable to get to where I needed to go without new tools and without new support.”


Sarah enrolled in our program because she couldn’t find anything else that would teach her to take care of herself again. She was a successful, capable and independent woman who drew a line in the sand for herself and found the courage to do what was right for her. She stood in her decision to invest in herself.

Sarah found the courage to tell her husband, “I’m the breadwinner, I’m doing this.”

Initially, her husband did not support her but Sarah stood in her truth that this decision wasn’t about him. She stood firm in her decision to join the program and she was doing it for herself to learn how to take care of herself, her husband, and their five children.

As Sarah immersed herself in the program to do the inner healing and work needed, he began to see the transformation in herself and the positive effect it has had on their marriage. She learned to practice patience in her marriage in a way she never thought possible and this has caused a deepening in their love for one another. We know women lead the way for our partners to follow.

Sarah took her life back and put her family first, completely revolutionizing the way her family functions, because she was courageous enough to take the first step to change. Sarah learned how to be intentional in her life and practice her routines. She has a newfound joy in her life and spends time with her children.

“I am a better mom. I don’t feel torn by the trade-offs every single day of choosing between whether I am a good mom or a good professional. I’ve finished my work and I can be more available to my family! I never thought I’d have space back in my life but I’m doing more with less time and it just feels like such a victory.”

Work is only taking up 30% of her day. The program provided her with community, ritual, and accountability because our program is built by women for women.

Sarah feels nourished and relaxed now that she is out of fight or flight mode. She made the decision to save herself and her marriage by continuing to use what she learned beyond her time in our program.


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